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who has been deeply immersed in it for a
long time now, there are challenges. For
her, it all comes down to integrating best
practices with the best technology.
“The challenge is to always be on the look-
out for the next cutting-edge technology.
Continuous improvement to be ahead is a
big challenge,” she said.
The company has been doing well for it-
self though. Proulx herself has been on a
fast track towards success. She became
Vice President of STI Maintenance in 1997,
only a year after joining the company. Six
years later, she went on to purchase the
company. Last year, Proulx was recog-
nized as one of the finalists for the Busi-
nesswomen of Québec award and earlier
this year, she was named Businessperson
of the Year by Les Rendez-vous des Gens
d’Affaires du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.
However, Proulx is not done yet. Expan-
sion is at the top of her list. “The new
generation of entrepreneurs, I love that
generation. It’s easier to expand using
partnerships and collaboration than before,
and I think it will be good for us to expand
around the world,” she said.
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