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“As consultants we have the opportunity
to see and analyze a lot of organizations,”
Proulx said.
Apart from big corporations like Rio Tinto
and General Cable, STI Maintenance has
provided services to an impressive list of
top-tiered Canadian governmental orga-
nizations and cities, like Hydro Québec,
Montreal, Québec City and even universi-
ties like Laval University and University of
Montreal. Though its roots lie in Canada,
the company’s footprint is global. Mining
activities in parts of Africa have even called
upon STI Maintenance, enabling it to fur-
ther expand its global footprint. Proulx her-
self has travelled across four continents to
visit clients and attend conferences.
Companies often consult STI Maintenance
in order to optimize their maintenance and
reliability management processes. To bet-
ter implement these changes, the compa-
ny also provides custom training in main-
tenance management, thereby helping
various company players and stakeholders
better grasp best practices as they apply to
their industry. Furthermore, it offers change
“Our mission is to help clients better manage their assets.”
Claircy Proulx, president
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