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example Proulx used to demonstrate the
importance of asset management is buy-
ing a house, but neglecting repairs for 20
years. Not only does this bring down the
value of the investment, but the home-
owner is now charged with a costly list of
repairs. Equipment for commercial or pub-
lic use works the same way, says Proulx.
Regular maintenance is less costly than
doing a one-time lump sum repair. In fact,
there may come a point in time when the
asset is no longer salvageable.
Proulx’s world is a highly technical one and
revolves around best practices in mainte-
nance and reliability using the best human
and technological resources. Among the
best technological resources is a CMMS
(Computerized Maintenance Manage-
ment System) called Maximo; a highly ad-
vanced system developed by IBM, one of
STI Maintenance’s business partners.
During its first 14 years of existence, STI
Maintenance focused on its expertise in
maintenance, conducting in-depth process
and business practice analyses, providing
technical training and outsourcing techni-
cal professionals. However, with time it be-
came clear that STI Maintenance was also
equipped to implement a CMMS accord-
ing to client requirements while respect-
ing maintenance and reliability processes.
STI Maintenance extended its service offer
in 2006 to include a programming depart-
ment. Its success was beyond doubt and
the company grew to become a premier
business partner with IBM, a company val-
ued at $82 billion.
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