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Maritime Hydraulic has even worked on
special projects that fall outside its usual
industry affiliations. One example is its in-
volvement with the Antares rocket on be-
half of Orbital Science and NASA. Though
most would remember the Antares rocket
for the catastrophic explosion that accom-
panied its fifth launch, the engineers at
Maritime Hydraulic remember their role in
the early stages of the project where they
designed and built cylinders to raise and
position the rocket.
Manufactured exclusively in Canada, spe-
cialized equipment can take up to four
years to produce, although the average
time lies between one to two years. None-
theless, it is a time-consuming task, said
Barroeta attributes the success of Mari-
time Hydraulic to decisions made over a
decade ago, when a focus on niche mar-
kets was undertaken. This early invest-
ment and specialization allowed for the
development and accumulation of expert
knowledge over the years.
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