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“We are a highly specialized company,”
Barroeta said.
Authenticity and modesty are another se-
cret behind Maritime Hydraulic’s perpetual
presence in the market. The traits are self-
evident in the company’s marketing ma-
terial, which is often devoid of self-praise
and embellishing adjectives. The desire
to learn, the addiction to extensively re-
searching every aspect of the job — these
are foundational in creating a successful
company as well, according to Barroeta.
“We know about mechanical engineering,
we know about hydraulics, but our past
projects are not enough. We are still learn-
ing and we are still growing and that keeps
us motivated,” Barroeta said.
Upon entering the export market, Mari-
time Hydraulic enjoyed great success in
North America and experienced enough
growth to propel it towards the European
market — a natural next step as Europe is
a leader in engineering solutions. But suc-
cess is rarely reached without stumbling
across a few challenges. In terms of the
worldwide market, Maritime Hydraulic is a
small company and consequently, the cur-
business elite canada
APRIL 2016
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