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The rewards of extensive research are
most notably seen in the impressive list
of clientele the company has worked with
over the years. In the oil and gas sector,
this includes Shell, Chevron, ATP and Con-
oco. Most notable is the riser tensioning
system Maritime Hydraulic manufactured
for Shell’s TLP Olympus oil platform in the
Gulf of Mexico. The riser is a movable ap-
paratus used in oil rigs, highly influenced
by wind, current and extreme weather
conditions. The tensioning system manu-
factured by Maritime Hydraulic is a manda-
tory safety equipment that keeps the riser
In the infrastructure sector, Maritime Hy-
draulic manufactured 13-metre–long dam
gates cylinders for the U.S. Army Corp of
Engineers while working on the Olmsted
Locks and Dam project on the Ohio River
— the largest inland water navigation proj-
ect in the history of the U.S.
For the eminent mining company Free-
port-McMoRan Inc., the company built
a 500-tonne crusher cylinder to support
the high pressure grinding roll equipment
(HPGR; used to grind rocks) designed by
the engineering firm, Metso Minerals. At
the time in 2014, this HPGR system was
the largest in the world.
“In our business, which is heavily influenced by engineering, it’s not just about
owning machinery. It’s also about the knowledge and skills used to design
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