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fuels the employees at EthoEnergy as
they endeavour to change the world one
roof at a time. The staff practice what they
preach; most have solar panels on their
own roofs.
Five years ago, the cost of installing so-
lar panels was three times the current
value. Now prices are dropping due to
government incentives and increased in-
vestments in renewable energy. Govern-
ment incentives include the Feed-in-Tariff
(FIT) Program for businesses and the mi-
croFIT Program for homeowners. In both
systems, consumers generate power on-
site and feed it into the grid to earn a nine-
to 10-per-cent return on investments an-
Community Solar is another promising
incentive. Originally started in the U.S.
for homes and businesses that were un-
able to install solar panels on their roofs,
this program utilizes a central location for
a commercial-scale installation through
which power is distributed to neighbouring
areas. Still in its infancy in Canada, EthoEn-
ergy is in the process of advocating for its
Regulation is the biggest challenge of the
industry, imposed through governmental
bodies and utility companies. In places
where utilities are privately owned, renew-
able energy can be regarded as a threat to
the business model of these companies.
“There’s a potential that if renewable en-
ergy continues to grow at the pace at
business elite canada
APRIL 2016
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