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energy really becomes clear when you
are educated about it. Then you will take
enough pride in it to own it and invest in
it,” DeSota said. EthoEnergy provides this
education through a pressure-free sales
process, maximizing customer engage-
ment and knowledge.
“Earning somebody’s trust is more im-
portant than the revenue potential of the
sale,” DeSota said.
With a staff base of 16 full-time employees
and an indirect employment of about 50
people, DeSota described his company as
a tight-knit family. Driven teamwork, trust
and positive criticism are achieved through
shared goals centred on customer satis-
faction and constant improvement. “One
hundred per cent responsibility to serve
the customer well every time and zero ex-
cuses when we’re not able to deliver that
expectation,” DeSota said. Hopefulness
APRIL 2016
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