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be really important. This will be a very big
Setting aside time and resources to devel-
op their own long-term business plans has
helped Merkur stay competitive. Twice-
yearly strategy planning sessions allow the
team to challenge their own service offer-
ings and look for new ways to embrace in-
novation along the path to the company’s
continued growth. “Change generated by
growth is more difficult to manage than
changing the processes,” Dufour explained.
“Change management will be very impor-
tant for the next year, more than ever be-
cause that big new wave is coming.”
Dufour has ambitious plans for the com-
pany over the next decade. Taking a “think
globally and act locally” approach, he has
his sights set on continued expansion
into the U.S. and substantial growth for
Khrome Product Transport, Merkur’s sister
company. The company is supported by
a staff that is young but experienced and
that combination bodes well for a strong
Along with his spot at the helm of Merkur,
Dufour is also President of the board of
directors for one of Quebec’s ground
transportation organizations. The Quebec
Ground Transportation Cluster, or Le Pôle
d’excellence québécois en transport ter-
restre, works to create a unified hub for
Quebec’s ground transportation sector by
bringing together innovative companies fo-
cused on sustainable development.
To learn more about Merkur and the 5P ap-
proach, visit
MARCH 2016
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