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lem on the production line, challenges in
fine-tuning a business strategy or issues
with the setup of new equipment, Merkur’s
team thrives on identifying and providing
solutions for any challenge. It’s also this
philosophy that makes the forward-think-
ing company stand out among its peers.
“It’s the span of our services … we do
work on process, production, productiv-
ity. By combining this approach, we have
an offer that is different than our competi-
tors,” Dufour said.
The manufacturing industry is continually
evolving, and Merkur has had to be flexible
to keep up with changes within the indus-
try and their client base. From adopting the
lean manufacturing approach in the 1990s
to learning how to compete on an interna-
tional playing field, Merkur has seen itself
and its customers adapt as trends and in-
novation have forced companies to keep
up with the times. Over the next 10 to
15 years, connectivity and new technolo-
MARCH 2016
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