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If we are able to eliminate those invest-
ments for achieving the goal … it’s good
for the customer,” Dufour explained.
Integration is at the heart of what Merkur
calls the 5P Approach, which means tak-
ing a comprehensive look at each client’s
issues and then identifying projects that
will be both strategic and profitable. There
is no cookie cutter solution; each client
receives a customized assessment de-
signed to maximize the ‘5P’ areas: prod-
ucts, by innovating and integrating new
technologies into product lines; productiv-
ity, by improving operational efficiencies
and cutting costs; people, by enhancing
the team’s potential; processes, by de-
veloping and maximizing manufacturing
processes and assembly; and production,
which is designed to optimize and trans-
form production operations.
After those changes are implemented,
Merkur stands by each customer in of-
fering high level expertise whenever and
wherever it’s needed. Whether it’s a prob-
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MARCH 2016
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