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Chartier uses an interesting analogy to de-
scribe the company’s role in developing
and maintaining data centres. They’re not
involved with the servers or the “brains”
of the centre — that’s the responsibility of
the client. What they do focus on are the
critical components: the “lungs” or good
quality air that is always available and the
“heart” or a redundant electrical supply
that provides constant power. What Kelvin
Emtech designs, builds and even main-
tains is the life support system that keeps
the brains within the data centre operating
at optimal levels without fail.
“I don’t think we’ve seen the peak of the
iceberg yet,” Chartier said, describing the
future of technology and, in particular, the
online world and the storage of data. “Your
fridge in a few years will be hooked up to
the internet so you’ll know exactly what’s
inside your fridge. Just think about your
smartphone. How could you live without
it today? You can’t. A few years from now,
you won’t even carry a credit card any-
more. You’ll have an imprint on your phone
and you’re going to pay with your phone.
Everything is growing at an extremely fast
pace — that data is now critical for every-
“We’re well-placed in themarket.We have an extremely good
reputation everywhere that we go.”
MARCH 2016
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