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background in engineering and experi-
ence as the former owner of a construc-
tion company. Business has been picking
up this year, which is a welcome sign after
slowdowns in the market during the 2011
recession and as part of the aftermath of
the Charbonneau Commission, a public
inquiry launched to investigate potential
corruption within Quebec’s construction
industry. While the company’s revenue
has been steady for the past 15 years, just
a couple of months into 2016 Kelvin Em-
tech is already well within their budgetary
goals, Chartier said.
The company focuses on several “mission
critical” areas that fall under the engineer-
ing umbrella. Their electrical engineering
services include power supply and elec-
trical distributions, uninterruptible power
supply (UPS) installation and replacement,
and lighting systems design. Their exper-
tise in mechanical engineering ranges from
cooling and heating systems and ventila-
tion systems to fire protection systems
and the supply and storage of petroleum
products. They’re also well known for their
work on data centres, from the design
stage through construction and finally pro-
viding training and support where needed.
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MARCH 2016
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