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istered to guests instead of cash, to the
grocery stores that monitor every item of
inventory purchased by shoppers, to the
doctors who view life-saving images via
“When there’s a surgeon doing open-heart
surgery that needs to look at a scan of the
heart live that goes through a server, that
server cannot go down for whatever rea-
son,” Chartier said.
A solid reputation within the industry has
earned Kelvin Emtech the opportunity to
work on many high profile jobs over the
years. One of their current projects is the
construction of a $40-million data centre
owned by Videotron, an integrated com-
munications company based in Quebec.
The new centre will provide colocation so-
lutions for businesses in an effort to meet
their data management and processing
needs. In addition, Kelvin Emtech is work-
ing on another Videotron project, perform-
ing the electromechanical design for the
expansion of an existing data centre in
Quebec City. Another data centre owned
by Cogeco that the team is working on in
Montreal is entering phase 2 and will be
worth close to $100 million when complet-
ed, Chartier said.
Being able to understand exactly what is
considered “mission critical” for each cli-
ent, knowing their clients’ markets and be-
ing able to think outside the box in terms
of design and trends has helped Kelvin
Emtech not only expand their portfolio
through new projects but also maintain a
strong roster of return clientele. The indus-
try knowledge gained over the course of
more than 20 years is how the company
helps their customers save money, make
long-term decisions for continued growth
and feel supported through future changes
and challenges.
“We’re still in the same place, we’re still
growing as a company, we’re well-placed
in the market. We have an extremely good
reputation everywhere that we go,” Chart-
ier said. “I think this is why we’ve been in
the market for 22 years. I hope we’ll still
be here for another 22.”
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MARCH 2016
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