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In 2009, GCP’s own growth took a leap
when the company acquired Rubatex®,
a brand of closed cellular rubber used in
the automotive and aerospace industries,
among others. The product is manufac-
tured in the U.S. and operates as a sepa-
rate entity but the strong Rubatex® name
is expected to boost GCP’s branding ef-
forts, assisted by the company’s addition
of a new vice president of marketing, Mot-
tershead said.
While continued success within the indus-
try is important to Mottershead, he and
the GCP team also have a strong sense
of community. They regularly participate in
fundraisers, from the Rotary Club Dream
Home events and Breast Cancer Aware-
“I’ve never worked with a better group of people. When it comes to the job, you
have to be all in; before you arrive for the day, check your ego at the door; and
while disagreements are fine, conflict is not acceptable.”
MARCH 2016
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