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By Cheryl Long
rowing distrust for manufactured goods coming
from China-based manufacturers spurred a turn-
ing point for GCP Industrial Products. By 2007, the
Kitchener, Ontario company had many years of success-
ful international business dealings under its belt, including
close to 10 years in China, but clients and potential cus-
tomers were still becoming increasingly alarmed by stories
of tainted or defective products manufactured in the Asian
What would help to ease customers’ concerns? A foolproof
GCP decided to develop a unique supply process known
as The Risk-Free Sourcing Solution™, providing companies
with products supported by a money back or free replace-
ment policy. It was a simple way to remove the sense of
the unknown out of sourcing and purchasing, and increase
customer confidence. GCP would handle all of the details
— from order procurement to product delivery — and the
customer wouldn’t have to pay for the order until it was re-
ceived and inspected. Essentially, GCP would take on the
risk aspect of each purchase while still providing a product
that was high in both value and quality.
“It was a solution born out of frustration,” said GCP Presi-
dent Gary Mottershead, who founded the company in 1999.
“(The Risk-Free Sourcing Solution™) became a philosophy;
MARCH 2016
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