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rather than an employee kept his vision
for the future burning bright, and his aspi-
rations did not remain unfulfilled. In early
1994, things started to pick up. Powerline
Plus now employs 350 people and Matin
cites all of them as drivers behind the suc-
cess of the company.
“No company can be successful without
their employees. A great team delivers
great results,” Matin said. “My employees
play a big role and I am a very proud em-
ployer. I know them by first name and last
name, I know them by the number of chil-
dren they have, where they live and what
they do.” In fact, he often looks at his em-
ployees as though they were his employ-
er, saying, “Essentially, they are paying my
wages. They help me grow my business.”
But the leader steering the masses de-
serves some attention too. In this case,
Matin himself is one of the drivers behind
the company's success. He is normally
“Because we are always proactively engaging in what is to come, we’re always
prepared for the changing market.” Giselle Matin, counsel
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