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of primary high voltage aluminum cable
and 20,700 cubic feet of concrete to get
the job done. Typically, a project of this size
would take 18 months, but Powerline Plus
completed it in one-third of that time. And
it was done with expert workmanship and
commitment to safety. In fact, the com-
pany has a number of certifications at the
international level, including ISO 9001 and
ISO 14001.
The story behind Powerline Plus is an in-
spirational one. Matin’s love for construc-
tion since an early age compelled him to
start the company in 1990, but it was a
time of sinking economies and skyrocket-
ing interest rates. Construction in particu-
lar was an uncertain industry to be in since
the bustle of projects seen in present-day
“No company can be successful without their employees. A great team delivers
great results.” Ben Matin, CEO and founder
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