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“We were available in a worst-case sce-
nario for the city of Toronto, Toronto Hydro
and Torontonians,” Matin said, adding that
the company’s convenient location within
the city allows it to respond to emergen-
cies faster than other companies providing
similar services.
Recently recognized by Deloitte as one of
Canada’s Best Managed Companies and
Best Small and Medium Employers, Pow-
erline Plus has grown from humble origins
into a company with an expansive list of
specializations in electrical and civil con-
struction, including power generation, wa-
ter and sewer, sanitation, natural gas and
telecommunications. Although it began as
a civil construction firm, its services now
include design and engineering, electrical
overhead, underground and street light-
ing, among others. The company also has
a concrete plant, which produces the con-
crete used in its projects. Clients include
public utilities, municipalities, developers
and manufacturing companies.
Just as it lent a hand during Toronto’s ice
storm, Powerline Plus has become a go-to
“We were available in a worst-case scenario for the city of Toronto, Toronto
Hydro and Torontonians.” Ben Matin, CEO and founder
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