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APRIL 2016
Fisheries Commission (SFC).
Ross entered the field as a fisheries bi-
ologist and has worked at the SNTC for
almost 25 years. Now he has assumed
an administrative and management role,
which includes overseeing Aboriginal fish-
eries business development. One particu-
lar initiative is RiverFreshWild BC Seafood.
“Both our economy around fishing and
our First Nations culture are being rebuilt
through this project,” Ross stated.
In his line of work, Ross is frequently in
contact with the chiefs and elders of the
Secwepemc Nation and they often remind
him of the long history of fishing by the
original inhabitants of B.C.
“Our commercial fishery is not a brand
new fishery — we’re basically rebuilding
the economy around the fishery that exist-
ed here 100 to 150 years ago,” continued
As part of a government program that
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