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APRIL 2016
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Its ability to combat shortages is the pri-
mary reason behind RiverFresh’s success
as a brand. Even in a bad year, the com-
pany manages to sell high quality seafood
due to preservation techniques like freez-
ing and vacuum-packing the product. This
preserves freshness, increases shelf life
up to two years and ensures all-year avail-
ability for their consumers.
At present, RiverFresh is not only manag-
ing a retail business, but is also involved in
distribution to regional grocery stores and
restaurants. To accommodate these vari-
ous aspects of business, the company is
expanding their warehouse space.
“The future may hold an eastward expan-
sion to Alberta and beyond. There are even
prospects of international growth,” said an
excited Ross.
Despite the renovations the store is cur-
rently undergoing, Ross said, “I don’t
think that’s where the fastest growth of
the business is going to be. We’re find-
ing now that selling to high-end chefs in
our local restaurants has been lucrative for
us. Involvement with independent grocery
chains has also been profitable — this is
an area that calls for expansion”. By hav-
ing the store serve as an anchor point and
base of operations, Ross projects the fu-
ture of the company will lie in expanding
the distribution network.
For more information on RiverFresh Wild
BC Seafood, visit
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