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offer access to nearby stores and a small
garage with access to the facility can be
used to store and charge outdoor motor-
ized scooters.
“We believe the whole energy of these
multiple housing options and multiple
housing groups keeps everyone active,”
Smalldon said. “The more active they
are, the healthier they’ll be and the longer
they’ll live. It’s simple and it’s working.”
The eight-acre property has room for ex-
pansion, Smalldon explained, providing fu-
ture space for an additional 40 supportive
living care units and 18 life lease residenc-
es. Long term, MVSH plans to upgrade
their existing lodges within the county to
offer campuses with all three housing op-
tions based on the pilot project underway
in Sundre.
So far it’s been a smooth process, Smalldon
said. Just a year after construction began in
October 2014, the project was 70-percent
complete, putting it both on time and on
budget, he explained. He does give some
credit to Alberta’s unseasonably mild win-
ter last year that allowed work to continue
year-round. But the bulk of his praise goes
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