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such as Alzheimer’s, already exceeds the
number being built. “Right now 11 of the
18 life lease units are presold,” said Sam
Smalldon, Chief Administrative Officer for
Mountain View Seniors’ Housing (MVSH)
in a recent interview with Business Elite
Canada. “We expect that to be 18 (or 100
percent) on July 1.”
The property’s 46 lodge units, which are
replacing the provincially-owned Foothills
Lodge in Sundre, are designed for se-
niors who can live independently but ben-
efit from having meals, housekeeping and
laundry services provided for them. Many
find the support that comes from living in
a community environment beneficial, cut-
“We’re working on the premise that we’re building to capacity. When the provincial
demand is 1,000 beds a year short and we’re trying to fill a portion of that demand with
our 40 spaces, we expect transfers will be sent to us very quickly.The rule is to not overbuild.
We don’t want vacancies but we have quite a bit of demand yet to satisfy.”
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