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to the residents of Sundre who expressed
their desire for expanded housing options
as far back as 2011. As well, member mu-
nicipalities deserve praise for supporting
the new MVSH campus housing model,
creating a community with independent
living options and 24x7 care space for resi-
dents to stay in their locales and within the
“Really it was the community that asked
for this. The seniors in the community
have met with provincial officials, and the
town and the county and all the member
municipalities worked collaboratively to fill
the need,” he said. Sundre’s newest resi-
dence will come to fruition “because the
community and member municipalities
asked for it and stood behind it and now
they’re going to live in it.”
“We’re very proud of it and we hope oth-
ers will learn from it,” Smalldon said. “This
is a community-based project that was
brought to this community because the
community stood up and worked together.
It’s just a good project.”
To learn more about Mountain View Se-
niors’ Housing and the Sundre project,
“Right now 11 of the 18 life lease units are presold.We expect that to be 18 (or 100 percent)
on July 1.” Sam Smalldon, Chief Administrative Officer
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