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complete about 18 million tests annually at
the company’s expansive facility in downtown
Edmonton, Pincock said, for a total staff count
of about 1,200. Established in 1995, the orga-
nization tailors its services to meet the needs
of each community, whether that means trav-
elling to the residence of a medically house-
bound patient as part of their home collection
service or providing both STAT and routine lab-
oratory services to support hospital patients.
Pincock joined the organization in 1996 and
took over the CEO position in 2008. During that
period, he has seen extensive changes come
about as a result of technological advance-
ments. “It’s gone from very manual processes
to highly automated and computerized. The
introduction of genetics and molecular testing
have opened a new world of testing modali-
ties. We used to joke … we actually have staff
in the organization who have been with the
organization for 45 years and they tell stories
of doing pregnancy tests using frogs, and now
our world couldn’t be more different,” he said.
“Nowwe’re dealing with looking for things at a
DNA level so it’s fascinating to see the change
in technology and medicine in only a genera-
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