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at competitive technologies. A lot of our
time is actually spent discovering things out-
side of Canada versus just comparing our-
selves internally within Canada simply be-
cause the market is just not big enough here
in terms of enough players. Lab has become
a very international type of industry; we
can learn a great deal from other labs about
their methods and technologies while many
come and visit our lab for the same reasons.”
As one of the largest private medical patholo-
gy groups in Canada, DynaLIFE Dx impacts the
lives of patients every day through lab testing
services that support acute care patients in
large urban and regional hospitals and health
centres, as well as providing more than 30
patient care centres throughout northern Al-
berta that offer collection services for commu-
nity physicians. Approximately 500 employ-
ees along with 40 medical and scientific staff
“Changes in technology have allowed us to make radical shifts in the time required to do
the actual testing…Ultimately what physicians care about is how quickly and accurately
can you give me an answer to my question. Help me … help my patient.”
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