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Canadian middle-market opportunities, helping           business, priding itself on its strong roots in the
        companies accelerate their growth trajectory) in        province and close ties with its customers and

        an ambitious plan to increase market share and          their needs. By partnering with Sagard, another

        position the group as a major player across the         Quebec-based company, that culture will only be
        country by 2030.                                        strengthened, especially while expanding to regions

                                                                in Ontario and Manitoba.

        LOU-TEC’s track record of growth in a highly
        dynamic marketplace made it a natural fit with          “We wanted to partner with a company that not only

        Sagard, whose capital investment will propel LOU-       had the financial capacity to support ourgrowth, but
        TEC’s current market presence and act as a bridge       to find the partner that is aligned with our business

        to new territory. LOU-TEC will also augment its         plan” says Dallaire. “We’re a really proud of the new

        product offerings to further establish its leadership   partnership. It is great news for our employees,
        in the Canadian equipment rental market.                suppliers, and clients. In addition to the new capital

                                                                injection, with Sagard experience team, and value
        Dallaire says the partnership with Sagard is a          added ecosystem, it will help LOU-TEC achieve

        natural fit, not only economically, but culturally.     its goal to become a national leader in the highly

        LOU-TEC has always been a proudly Quebecois             competitive Canadian rental industry.”

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