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                                   ne of the opportunities that we favour most at Business
                                   Elite Canada is showcasing so many of the wonderful small

                                   towns and cities that make up this beautiful country, that

                 O headquarter vital businesses, and that are home to the men

                  and women championed in these pages.

                  So it is a double pleasure when we are intimately familiar with one of the

                  Corners of Canada, as we call it. This month our Corner of Canada is Tor-

                  bay, NL, the coastal heaven just out side of the capital St. John’s. Truly one
                  of the most picturesque spots you’ll ever know, visitors and residents alike

                  are always up for a show of icebergs, whales, caplin, and waves that will

                  take your breath away.

                  This year marks the 50th anniversary of Torbay becoming a municipality

 BEHIND THIS MASK,   and we are proud of bring you an interview with the Mayor. We hope the
                  photos do a modicum of justice to the natural beauty of the town.
 YOU’RE LEADING THE WAY   We are also very excited to bring you our cover story featuring NCC, the

 TOWARD THE FUTURE  leader in Arctic development solutions in real estate, construction, and in-

 OF CONSTRUCTION.  vestments that generate pride, economic returns, employment and part-

                  nerships for Nunavummiut.

                  We hope you enjoy,



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