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                                                              “The Nunavut Land Claims, which was settled in 1993,

                                                              included a commitment for the establishment of a

                                                              separate territory,” he says. “Subsequently, federal
                                                              legislation was passed in the form of the Nunavut

                                                              Act, which constitutionally allowed for the new
                                                              territory and the new Government of Nunavut to be

                                                              implemented commencing April 1, 1999.”

                                                              The new Nunavut Territorial Government would

                                                              require an infrastructure of office buildings, legislative
                                                              facilities and staff housing. “The decentralized model

                                                              of the government magnified these requirements,”
           Narwhal  Plumbing  &  Heating  Ltd.  is  incor-    says Synard. “Inuit leadership, through Nunavut
           porated in Iqaluit since 1988 and is a leader
           in  this  expertise.  Our  main  objective  is  to   Tunngavik Incorporated (“NTI”), recognized that
           provide  dependable  mechanical  contract-         these infrastructure needs contained the elements
           ing  services  with  high-quality  work  locally   of a significant investment opportunity for the Inuit
           within Nunavut. We continue to strive every
           day to provide the quality of work the ter-        beneficiary corporations along with substantial
           ritory  deserves.  We  are  greatly  committed     business opportunities that would provide a great
           and work hard towards employing and train-
           ing local residents in Nunavut. This in turn       boost to Nunavut economic development.”
           enables  the  local  communities  to  benefit
           from the projects being completed in their         After a “partnering arrangement” was negotiated,
           own communities. Our team has grown into
           servicing  all  25  communities  in  Nunavut       NCC was established as an arm’s length private
           with  trained  professionals  in  the  fields  of   corporate vehicle by which the Inuit could pursue
           plumbing,  heating,  HVAC,  ventilation,  con-
           trol,  thermal  insulation,  oil  system  repairs,   these economic opportunities. The four Inuit
           and maintenance. We are capable of com-            birthright development corporations of Nunavut
           pleting projects of any size and on time with      (Nunasi Corporation, Qikiqtaaluk Corporation, Sakku
           the  respected  budget.  We  are  constantly
           up-to-date with the ever-changing business         Investments Corporation and Kitikmeot Corporation)
           climate so we can provide the leading-edge         became the owners of NCC, and all remain equal
           in mechanical building systems trade. With
           the extensive expertise and the vast amount        shareholders today. This ownership structure enables
           of knowledge our team has gained working           NCC to operate in all three regions of Nunavut: the
           on these projects, we will continue to serve       Qikiqtaaluk Region, the Kivalliq Region and the
           our Nunavut communities with pride.
                                                              Kitikmeot Region.

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