BEC / February / 2014 - page 68

business elite canada
stablished 13 years ago, Northway
Construction has built a reputation
of providing professional services
to the Greater Toronto Area as a general
contracting and construction management
firm. The Concord, Ontario based business
specializes in the competitive high-end
auto dealership market and has constructed
an array of buildings across the city.
The Scarmato brothers – John, Frank and
Danny – work with a company philoso-
phy that is to provide their clients with the
hands on approach that meets deadlines
and working within budgets to satisfy their
many clients. We had a chance to chat with
Frank Scarmato about the company’s grow-
ing endeavours. Frank, who graduated from
Humber College for Architectural Technol-
ogy, worked for his father, Domenic, in a
similar business, which instigated his pas-
sion for the trade. “Even as a summer job
and as I was going through high-school I
was always interested in architecture and
the construction industry.” After his father
retired, Frank started the business in 2001.
“For the most part I’ve been doing car deal-
erships. I started off in residential, but we
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