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tor to opportunities that exist
globally, especially for small-
to medium-sized businesses,”
says Gray. “It’s about access
to global markets, connect-
ing to new opportunities, and
securing information and sup-
port within service markets
around the globe.”
Essential to advancing the
city’s infrastructure is Centre-
Port Canada Way, a recently
opened $212-million express-
way jointly funded by the
Government of Canada and
the Province of Manitoba.
“It’s futuristic in that it was
designed not only to support
current needs, but also to ad-
dress long-term requirements.
We’re delighted our federal
and provincial partners are
working with us to help make
this vision a reality,” says
Gray. With the completion
of CentrePort Canada Way, a
new common-use rail facil-
ity in development, as well as
its primary location next to
the iconic and award-winning
$585-million Winnipeg James
Armstrong Richardson Inter-
national Airport, CentrePort
companies will be able to ac-
cess road, rail and air options
with greater ease than ever
Mayor Katz also cites infra-
structure improvement—the
condition of the city’s roads,
sidewalks, back lanes, bridges
and sewer systems—as a top
priority when it comes to en-
suring the long-term viability
of the city.
“In 2013, we introduced the
Local Street Renewal Reserve
to help tackle the city’s infra-
structure challenges, funded
by a one per cent property tax
increase dedicated to the re-
vitalization of local streets,
sidewalks and back lanes,”
says Mayor Katz. Based on
the success of the Local Street
Diane Gray, President & CEO of
CentrePort Canada Inc
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