Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) - Water System Improvements Project

“OKIB has advocated for these water improvements for decades,” says Vincent, “so it’s a real feeling of accomplishment, trust, and pride with the change in this water.” “You have to understand what it is like to not have access to clean, potable water to appreciate the improvement,” says Vincent. “Most of us take it for granted that you can turn on a tap and safe, clean water comes out. That was not always the case. Bathtubs would fill with yellowish water, our toilets became uncleanable due to the staining, coffee makers would only last half the year due to the hard water build up and dishwashers and sinks looked ancient after only a few months.” The improvements to the quality of life on the OKIB thanks to clean water is immeasurable. “Now, people living at the Head of the Lake and Irish Creek areas have safe water,” says Vincent. For more information, please visit www.okib.ca 9