Okanagan Indian Band (OKIB) - Water System Improvements Project

The IPD model also allowed the OKIB to apply Lean Construction principles and focus on risks and potential mitigation strategies. “There are many factors that make a project successful and IPD is one factor,” says Vincent. “It also takes commitment, focus, good planning, and sound budgeting. Our IPD model allowed us to build the team that was needed for successful completion of the project.” SCOPE OF THE PROJECT Starting in September 2021, the goal of the IPD project was to double the water storage capacity by building two new reservoirs and interconnecting two systems by expanding an existing water system with a good source/water treatment. This was accomplished by installing 2.2 km of piping, building a Control Valve Station, and upgrading wells and the water treatment plant. The end result is a resilient water system with safe and clean water in abundant quantities for personal use and for fire protection. LEADERSHIP In-house leadership was another success of the project. The project was led by a Syilx Okanagan woman who lives on OKIB, the project superintendent is Indigenous, all IPD team members completed Indigenous Cultural Training, and Knowledge Keepers and Elders came to the IPD team to provide teachings. The results were a project delivered on budget and with zero workplace injuries. “By any measure, this project is successful,” says Vincent. BETTER WATER QUALITY AND CAPACITY On December 19, 2022, the OKIB received approval from the First Nations Health Authority to lift the manganese water quality advisory for the HOL/Irish Creek area. 8