Fort McMurray First Nation Group of Companies and Fort McMurray 468 First Nation Economic Development

2021 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT TO THE COMMUNITY This inaugural report showcases how the Nation’s leadership and FMFN Group, its employees, and industry partners are working together to build a vibrant, resilient, and self-sufficient community. “More than $5 million in net profits generated by FMFN Group was reinvested in essential community services—including $330,000 in Partnership Educational funding to support 20 post-secondary students from the Nation,” says Jani. A new water treatment facility to connect on-reserve homes and buildings to the regional water supply and sewage system is being built,” says Coish, “and with that comes the added benefit of creating job opportunities and income by using Nation-owned businesses for some of the work.” “Along with a wide range of programs and services to support the well-being of our Members, we host several cultural events throughout the year to educate and connect Members to their language and traditions,” says FMFN468 Councillor Samantha Whalen. For example, in 2021, the Nation held a Residential School Awareness Walk to allow community Members an opportunity to mourn and honour Survivors, while raising public awareness. Ten tons of waste was removed and disposed of sustainably during the annual Community Clean-Up, engaging and employing youth as part of the initiative. Steve Jani, CEO, FMFN Group Jonathan Ross, Busi Manager, FMFN468 Ec Ryan Coish, VP of Business Development, FMFN468 Economic Development 6