Fort McMurray First Nation Group of Companies and Fort McMurray 468 First Nation Economic Development

THE ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Fort McMurray 468 First Nation Economic Development (FMFN468 Economic Development) is an evolution of FMFN Group’s success in establishing strong business partnerships, supporting revenue growth, and creating meaningful employment opportunities for Nation Members and additional service lines to the Group of Companies. Launched in April 2022, FMFN468 Economic Development is a stand-alone entity focused on contributing to the sustainable growth of the Nation and well-being of its Members. “FMFN468 Economic Development was established to lead joint business ventures and equity opportunities and develop and manage business partnerships and industry relationships for both the Nation and FMFN Group,” says Ryan Coish, Vice President of Business Development. “All revenue generated supports Member programs and services, housing initiatives, and infrastructure projects on the Nation.” Business partners value the Nation’s economic stability, good governance and leadership’s commitment to transparency and accountability, commitment to meaningful business relationships, and the strong involvement of Elders in helping to chart the Nation’s path forward, ensuring community sustainability for generations to come. The oil and gas sector in Alberta plays a significant role in the Canadian economy. However, it is also a significant contributor to tailings, waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and other environmental impacts. To address these challenges and improve sustainability, companies in the sector are increasingly turning to consulting firms and new technologies. Breakwater Vantage is helping oil and gas companies in Alberta to identify and implement best practices for sustainability. This includes strategies for reducing emissions, improving energy efficiency, and reducing waste; by adopting renewable energy sources, implementing water treatment systems, and reducing their carbon footprint. Water treatment is an important aspect of sustainability in the oil and gas sector. Companies must manage and treat the large volumes of water used in the extraction process to minimize environmental impacts. This includes removing impurities, controlling discharge, and managing the water used in hydraulic fracturing. Breakwater Vantage supports companies in managing their resources in an environmentally responsible manner by offering expertise in areas such as carbon footprint analysis, waste treatment, chemical optimization, GHG emission analysis, asset assessments, and oil and gas mining/exploration. The goal is to promote sustainability and minimize environmental impact through the implementation of strategies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enhance water management, optimize asset use, and advance the adoption of clean energy technologies. To achieve this, Breakwater Vantage leverages technological innovations, facilitates policy changes, and drives cultural shifts to support the transition to a more sustainable energy system and solution. Breakwater Vantage continuously strives towards advancing sustainability by providing eco-friendly solutions, executing conscientious methods, and utilizing state-of-the-art technologies. Our objective is to optimize the utilization of Alberta's natural resources in a manner that is both environmentally responsible and sustainable, reducing any harmful effects on the environment. Gain knowledge, understand new technologies, address blind spots, and eliminate/reduce emissions; to further drive industry as a whole to address gaps in a timely and effective manner. Asset intelligence is important in data aggregation to identify risk currently flying under the radar by bringing additional visibility to the entire operations. 5