Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council

Looking down the lens of future projects, the NSCSC plays an integral role in educating Nova Scotians about the construction trades and apprenticeship system. The NSCSC’s pioneering and unique education program has garnered international attention and has Soholt fielding inquiries from similar agencies across the world. TRADES EXHIBITION HALL (TEH) “It was in 2012 when we really saw a bit of a shift in the labor market and a real need for youth and career awareness, as well as engaging our equity deserving partners,” says Soholt. “We embarked on an idea to create a facility for those career seekers and in 2014, we opened up the Trades Exhibition Hall. Originally conceived to be a construction library where materials and tools could be presented along with models of projects, it evolved to become a fun, interactive facility for youth and career-seekers to learn about occupations in the ICI sector, a place where visitors could talk to construction professionals and get a chance to try things out first-hand. A view of the parked Mobile Construction Experience closed up and ready for deployment A wide view of one side of the Trades Exhibition Hall 5