Nova Scotia Construction Sector Council

Currently, the NSCSC is supporting a post-pandemic economic expansion in the province—an anticipated $4 billion worth of ICI projects in the next ten years, says Soholt. “Because of our unique relationship with the provincial government, we’re involved in a lot of meetings to help inform the planning of publicly funded projects,” says Soholt. “And because of the relationship we have with the industry, we get involved in a lot of private sector planning as well. We promote the NSCSC as the industry’s help desk, so to speak.” The NSCSC’s periodic snapshots of the industry provide vital information on the labour force. Data includes age ranges, demographics, geographical activity, supply and demand models, expected training needs, etc. This insight helps public and private partners to plan what will be built over the next two to ten years. “Through committees and industry involvement, we’ve built models now that can forecast what that labor need will be to do those projects, right down to the trade and to the personal skills required,” says Soholt. A group photo of NSCSC staff with Trades Professionals in front of the Mobile Construction Experience 4