The New Central Library - page 5

On November 1, 2018, the public will be able
to take their first steps through the new, $245
million LEED Gold project, “We intend that day
to be a large public celebration alongside the
Calgary Public Library and the first opportunity
for Calgarians to experience the New Central
Library,” says Kate Thompson, Vice Presidents
of Projects for Calgary Municipal Land Corpo-
ration (CMLC).
In keeping with the vision of a library for the
people, construction on the New Central Li-
brary began in 2013 with the LRT encapsula-
tion, and since that time the public have been
able to keep track of the construction through
a live stream webcam on the CMLC website.
“Our (CMLC) goal with the design and build-
ing of the New Central Library is that it not
only creates a beautiful building but is equal-
ly balanced with how its design can facilitate
the library experience for all its visitors,” says
Thompson. “The New Central Library will have
a transformative power for Calgary in creating
an iconic, civic amenity that is accessible for
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