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When asked what makes RMA so pro-
ficient in this niche, Martin says it’s
because the team genuinely cares
about each project and client. “We
don’t treat every client and project
as formulaic,” says Martin. “We are
very much focused on the experience
of working together. Our approach
starts with asking a lot of questions
to understand the roles and contribu-
tions of all team members, with a lot
of communication that is built on un-
derstanding and trust.”
After all, RMA understands its clients
are trusting them with their capital re-
sources, their visions and goals and
they take that very seriously. RMA’s
new branding (a redesigned a new
logo featuring a circle punctuated by
small break with a dot and within a
trapezoidal structure) reflects the
“We are at our best when we navigate these interests and come up with the
best design and most cost-effective design solutions for our clients.”
– Robert Martin, Principal, Architect
770 Bronson Ave.,
Ottawa, Ontario
APRIL 2018
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