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tional Vimy Memorial in France. When
Veterans Affairs Canada committed
to the Centre as part of the 100th an-
niversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge,
they choose Robertson Martin Ar-
chitects to fulfill its vision. Not only
had the Ottawa-based firm proven its
technical expertise in its 45 years, but
have distinguished itself as leaders in
high-profile, complex projects such as
Opened in April, 2017, RMA’s design
for the Centre reflected the “evoca-
tive beauty” of Walter Allward's exqui-
site monument and the surrounding
landscape, to evoke contemplation as
well as create the opportunity to learn
about and connect with Canada's First
World War history.
“To work on the Canadian National
Vimy Memorial was an amazing un-
dertaking, for which we are so proud
to be involved,” says Robert Martin,
Principal, Architect. Martin, alongside
his partner Danica Robertson, took
over the firm from Robertson’s father
in the early 90s, taking the firm’s suc-
cess in commercial and institutional
Vimy Interior
Photo Credit – Stephane Groleau
Photo Credit – Stephane Groleau
APRIL 2018
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