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the leading-edge application of sustainable
development practices. The technical chal-
lenge of designing well controlled environ-
ments in the extreme climate of the Ca-
nadian Arctic required a similar approach
to that of many of their highly technical
The firm was also selected to participate
in a $61 million Aquatic Centre in Laval
QC. The facility has ambitious sustainabil-
ity goals and targets LEED Gold certifica-
tion, maximizing energy-efficiency as well
as water conservation and highlighting the
importance of protecting natural ecosys-
“Because of the complexity of many of
“We involve stakeholders very early in the process, and have a tradition of
working closely with or for the engineers—we collaborate with the various
disciplines at every step of the process.” –Mark Brooker, Director
Leonard De-Vinci School Montreal (Photo by NFOE)
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