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“Given our experience in complex proj-
ects,” says Brooker, “we have a head start
in the current design environment of sus-
tainable design since the integrated de-
sign approach is really how we have been
operating all along.”
This approach is also applied to other
types of projects including schools. In re-
cent years, the firm completed renovation
and expansion projects for the CSDM in-
cluding the Barclay School Expansion. The
expansion of the school was designed to
integrate with the existing heritage build-
ing, while projecting a more modern ex-
pression. The expansion was designed
to meet the client’s sustainability targets
including improved access to natural day-
light for existing rooms, and a reduction in
energy consumption.
The transition from highly technical proj-
ects to projects with sustainable consid-
erations or targeting LEED accreditation is
seamless. Environmental stewardship is
encouraged to promote high performance
design. NFOE is diversifying its practice to
include more commercial and civic proj-
ects, such as a new data centre for Vidéo-
tron. The firm was recently selected as a
finalist for an addition to the Musée d’Art
Contemporain de Montréal
. This type of
institutional project is a reminder of the
firm’s early days and brings NFOE back full
1. In consortium with Lemay / MSDL architectes
2. In consortium with EVOQ architecture
3. In consortium with MSDL, JLP, Lemay and Parkin Architects
4. In collaboration with the IBI Group/Beinhaker Architects
5. In consortium with HCMA Architecture + Design
6. In consortium with Dan Hanganu architectes
Barclay School Montreal
(Photo by Charles Lanteigne)
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