New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project - page 8

to public and active transit. It will of course
transform in its own way the urban land-
scape of Montreal by becoming a new ar-
chitectural symbol for the metropolis.
Doing a project of this magnitude in the
middle of one of Canada’s busiest metro-
politan areas is not without its challenges.
How were they overcome?
Work related to construction of the new
Champlain Bridge is happening close to
where people live and work, says Dan
Genest, Director of coordination for SSL.
“This is why Signature on the Saint Law-
rence is working closely with the various
municipalities bordering the worksite. To-
gether they are identifying the issues, ex-
pected work-related impacts and planned
mitigation measures.”
SSL is committed to conveying project-
related information to citizens throughout
With a dedicated corridor for public transit, the new bridge will also contri
allowing people to spend less time on the road and more with their families.”
Photo credit - Infrastructure Canada
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