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JUNE 2017
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Heights—the first new rental apartment
built in Leamington in almost 30 years—is
in its first phase is complete and 99 per
cent rented. Seacliff Heights II will build
on the success of it predecessor, offering
an even grander suite of luxury options. Pi-
roli’s contributions to the development and
economy in Leamington earned the com-
pany a Business Excellence Award from
the Leamington Chamber of Commerce
“We are focused on expanding into the re-
tirement home industry,” says Piroli. “The
market demand is there, while looking at
future growth patterns in other markets as
well.” Piroli says fulfilling a market need is
a great source of pride and professional
satisfaction. “Taking an idea through the
feasibility study to construction and then
the renting stage is very exciting,” he says.
“Proving what a feasibility shows, putting
it to work and making it happen is a source
of pride only matched by seeing a beauti-
ful building in the community and happy
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