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JUNE 2017
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in the GTA and are moving down to South-
western Ontario. They don’t want anything
holding them back.”
The math bears out. If the average house
in the GTA sells for $1 million, and then
pays 3 per cent of the home’s value toward
taxes, insurance, utilities and
maintenance, that means they
would pay $30,000 a year to
start aging in place. “The sim-
plicity is you can retire here and
pay $24,000 to $30,000 a year
on rent, and then enjoy discre-
tionary money. It’s hard to do
that in many other areas in the
Opening in Fall, 2017, Piroli has
created a model apartment
where visitors can see for them-
selves the luxury hardware, sol-
id wood floors, spacious master
bedroom with an en suite, fire
place, and granite countertops,
to name a few.
With the aging in place concept,
should the need arise, resi-
dents can easily to the close-by
retirement homes, again with
luxury finishes, landscaping,
and state-of-the-art facilities.
“It’s all about having everything
in place to support tenants to
age comfortably and safely in
their own home, while enjoying the fruits
of their labor amongst peers,” says Piroli.
Piroli Development Group will expand
on its presence in Leamington, and seek
out similar opportunities in the Windsor,
ON region, says Piroli. Currently, Seacliff
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