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JUNE 2017
hind the Quebec-based software develop-
ment company GSOFT. Known for its tai-
lor-made software, and vastly successful
products Sharegate and Officevibe (more
on both of those later), De Baene—along
with cofounders Guillaume Roy and Se-
bastien Leduc—sees GSOFS’s company
culture is its biggest accomplishment.
Considering the company counts Tesla,
Apple, and Disney amongst its thousands
of customers in almost 100 countries, that
is saying something.
“Our goal for CultureFest was to celebrate
company culture because we believe it’s
the key to a happy lifestyle,” says De Baene.
“We want to shake up entrepreneurs, the
managers, company owners, to wake up
and understand that when you put human,
you get amazing results,” says De Baene.
“It is economically really good, but also so-
cially the right thing to do to create stron-
ger society and happier human beings.”
Who better than a software company to
try to start the revolution. GSOFT’s team
of over 200 employees created Officevibe,
and employment engagement platform
that “enables organizations to improve
their work environment for the benefit of
both managers and employees.”
At the core of Officevibe is an office-wide
survey (only five questions at a time) that
is sent out weekly to gage the sentiment
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