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JUNE 2017
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Cabinet Association and Greater Vancou-
ver Home Builders’ Association, Pacific
Rim Cabinets priorities locally sourced ma-
terials whenever possible. The local real
estate environment has also impacted the
company in recent years. High house pric-
es are prompting home owners to invest
in renovations rather than moving. And for
contractors, including high-value items like
custom cabinetry strengthens their invest-
ment and generates higher interest from
“We are definitely still seeing activity that
way,” says Dewinetz. “Our demographic is
the mid-to-higher end market that market
and over last few years it’s really taken off.
When custom cabinetry is properly made,
it is going to last, and is a very good invest-
ment,” says Dewinetz. “That has helped
us, certainly. More builders use us repeat-
edly because they understand the value
While home design trends come and go,
designers and woodworkers know quality
and workmanship never goes out of style.
With growth opportunities emerging in Ja-
pan, and demand growing from the west
coast of the U.S., Pacific Rim Cabinets’
customer base is growing as fast as its
custom possibilities.
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