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JUNE 2017
Constantly pursuing new and improved
ways to service customers through quality
workmanship, Dewinetz says somethings
never change. “Understanding design and
engineering, for instance. We want the
great look and have it function the way it is
supposed to, we have to find that perfect
Dewinetz emphasizes that function is as
much of a priority as form for the team.
“Functionality—how the kitchen it de-
signed and set up so that the homeowner
is able everything accessible and safe—is
a speciality of ours. There is a science to
how far apart is elements in the kitchen
are, and the ergonomics of the space that
allow the user to use the kitchen to its ulti-
mate potential.”
Hand-made finishing touches elevate Pa-
cific Rim cabinets to the next level. Dewi-
netz credits his team of craftsmen for tak-
ing wood and creating beautiful works of
art. “We are also manufacturers contend-
ing with the changing of market trends, the
environment and technology. But we are
true to ourselves and maintain traditions in
woodworking that are by hand, and this is
the best way to provide quality and value
for your investment.”
“The level of detail in hand-crafted ele-
ments is outstanding,” says Dewinetz.
“Our team are true craftsmen in terms of
how they put things together, and we are
very proud of their talent.”
Proud members of the Canadian Kitchen
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