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Toronto City Airport to the Niagara region.
What typically takes an hour and a half to
drive, can now be accessed in a 12-minute
flight for $159 return.
“When they started, you have to be able to
show them there is a market here, which
we did through market cases and surveys
here and Toronto. Nine months ago, we
started with two flights a day, five days a
week,” says O’Connor. The response has
been so positive that the schedule has
been increased to four flights a day, seven
days a week.
“The demand is there,” says O’Connor.
“What we have noticed is a lot of people
are moving to the Niagara region, and a lot
of people in Toronto will retire in Niagara-
On-The-Lake.” The flight into the NDA will
make it easier for this growing demograph-
ic to still access friends, family, and favou-
rite haunts from their old neighbourhoods.
The NDA is one of ten members of South-
ern OntarioAirport Network, also known as
SOAN. The Southern Ontario airports will
benefit from the increased economic op-
portunity and air travel demand facilitated
by the mega hub. “There will be significant
growth over the next three decades—one
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