Niagara District Airport - page 3

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By Anna Guy
sk anyone, anywhere in the world
about Niagara Falls, and they’ll
most likely know exactly what you
are talking about.
Such was the experience of Len O’Connor.
While he was working for aviation contrac-
tors with the United Nations in Northern
Africa, people would ask him where we
was from. When “Ontario” and “Toronto”
failed to elicit much familiarity (just as I had
to Google Oran, Algeria), O’Connor would
mention “Niagara Falls”, and everyone
would know exactly.
The world-famous Niagara region is ser-
viced by the Niagara District Airport (NDA),
where O’Connor is the CEO. The airport
services approximately 36,000 move-
ments annually, and, thanks to an vibrant
tourism industry, population growth, and
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